Prodej a vykup zveriny

The sale, purchase and processing of game is provided by the company MORAVIALOV s.r.o. from Kravsko in Znojmo region. In our e-shop you can buy meat from deer, fallow deer, roe deer, mouflon, wild boar and hare.

We deal with the purchase of ungulates:
- caught from permanent suppliers exclusively from hunting grounds in the Czech Republic
- we buy and process game that has been caught in the wild
- the purchase takes place at the company's headquarters at approved collection points, which are under veterinary control
- ungulates are bought without a head, runs, must be treated, ventilated, clean and dry

We further process the purchased game:
- the processing plant is under constant veterinary supervision, where the HACCP system is introduced and applied
- we cut the game into individual parts - leg, shoulder, back, neck, with or without bone
- unbleached and processed meat is vacuum-packed and deep-frozen
- chilled game may be prepared during the hunting season

We then sell the processed game - it is delivered both to restaurant facilities and sold to the final consumer in the Czech Republic.

We provide both retail and wholesale sale of game:
- deer - leg and boneless shoulder, goulash, sirloin
- fallow deer - leg and bone without bone, sirloin
- roe deer - ham cutlets, leg, shoulder and neck without bone, sirloin, back, goulash meat
- mouflon - leg and bone without bone, meat for goulash
- wild boar - knee, leg, back, bacon, sirloin
- Hare

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