Kominictvi Papik s.r.o.

Prazakova 217/5, Ostrava-Marianske Hory 709 00
Company Kominictví Papík s.r.o. performs all chimney work. It mainly deals with regular chimney maintenance and chimney revisions. The company also carries out milling and lining of chimneys, repairs of existing ones and construction of new chimneys.

We underwent training at SCANCORE to create a new chimney sleeve in the chimney vent that replaces milling and liner.
Creating a new chimney sleeve is a much cheaper technique than milling or lining.
The housing is made of a special compound in the inside of the chimney flue and has a 10-year warranty.

The company offers the following chimney work:

- cleaning and control of flue gas ducts with deadline monitoring
- revision of chimneys
- regular cleaning and inspection in houses and flats
- measuring the efficiency of small sources and discharges
- chimney leak testing
- inspection and inspection camera
- soot milling in chimney
- advisory activities and assessment of flue gas duct design documentation

Company Kominictví Papík s.r.o. also performs:

- construction, assembly and sale of certified chimneys and their parts
- repair of existing chimneys
- repairs of chimney heads in the roof part of the chimney
- forming a protective sleeve
- milling masonry chimneys
- chimney lining
- changes in additional connections
- assembly and repair of chimney trays
- construction and assembly of flue gas duct

Chimney sweeping business is located in Ostrava in Marianske Mountains.

The company has its own technical background, which allows meeting all requirements from the customer. About quality and precise work from Kominictví Papík s.r.o. many customers have already convinced themselves.

  • chimney systems, chimney sets, fireplace chimneys, stainless and brick chimneys, chimney constructions, chimney accessories
  • chimney inspections, chimney cleaning, chimney revisions, chimney insert installations, combustible measurements, combustible duct inspections

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