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Our company has been operating on the Czech market for 15 years and it has gained a significant position in the energy market.

On January 1, 2015 we became a part of the international OMEXOM brand.

We are engaged in construction of high voltage lines.
We provide services in the area of 110, 220 and 400 kV lines.
Our services are provided in the form of consultancy, construction carrying out, engineering and project preparation.
We are equipped with top equipment and technologies.

Processing of designs, design documentation and strategic studies is provided by the DESIGNING division.
The quality of designs is supported by up-to-date computer equipment, top-class software, but also by professionalism and experience of designers.

Activities of the division are focused on:
-preparation of design documentation of all stages
-solving of problems of VHV line construction
-land-technical studies and studies of transmission and distribution line capacities
-studies of VHV and EHV line reconstruction
-studies of pylon structure repairs
-solving of steel structure static properties
-engineering activities, discussion about line routes concerning public law and property rights
-preparation of materials for the EIA procedure
-consultancy in the field of construction and maintenance of VHV and EHV lines.

Division of line construction - it provides comprehensive services of reconstructions and repairs of electrical lines 110, 220 and 400 kV.
Contracts are carried out in the form:
-consulting services
-engineering activities
-preparation of all stages of design documentation
-construction carrying out
-all types of repairs.
We use modern and special technologies:
-sequential extension of pylons
-construction of pylons (using helicopters)
-pulling of conductors
-work under voltage.
We provide repairs and reconstructions, technical supervision of constructions, climbing inspections with suggestion of repairs, final approval of VHV line constructions, opinions of a structural engineer and an expert witness, earthing cables with optical fibres, high-rise framed structures.

We provide a guarantee for all performed work, the guarantee for repairs of concrete foundations and steel structures is minimum of 5 years from the date they are taken over by the customer.

We also participate in international contracts in France, Finland, Slovakia and Iceland.

  • energy services, power for households, energy for industry, photovoltaic energy, electric power

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Power line design, Prague, the Czech Republic

Power line design, Prague, the Czech Republic

Planning a power line construction - that is what the design division of the ELEKTROTRANS company is here for. It provides design processing for the subsequent construction, through both the latest computer technologies with top software and the professionality and experience of the designers. The design division's activities are the following: - Drafting a complete design documentation - Solving problems during VHV construction - Designs and solutions of steel structures' statics - Strategic studies (of capacities, reconstructions or repairs) - Engineering - Public and proprietary consultation of power line routes - Consultancy in the field of VHV and EHV construction and maintenance Thanks to the modern technologies that are available nowadays we are also able to work with 3D project visualizations. You can rely on the true professionals from ELEKTROTRANS who approach their work seriously.

We are experts in power lines - Prague, the Czech Republic

We are experts in power lines - Prague, the Czech Republic

Electric lines are an important element nowadays, for they provide households with full functionality. Therefore it is necessary that power lines work without problems and people could be supplied without any difficulty. That can be ensured by the company with electricity in its name - Elektrotrans - that is able to look after not only power lines, their maintenance or reconstruction, but also their construction. Regarding power lines, Elektrotrans collaborates also with renowned experts e.g. from the Czech Technical University and its Faculty of Electrical Engineering, which ensures consulting from many points of view. They themselves have been working in the field of power line construction for fifteen years and therefore have extensive experience with this subject. Elektrotrans company is capable of carrying out the following construction works: - Construction of VHV and EHV lines using the latest technology - Comprehensive provision of repairs and reconstruction of existing lines - Processing of project documentation materials - Construction technical supervision - Engineering activity focused on debating public-law and property issues of electric lines - Identification of landowners - Discussion about constructions within zoning and building procedures - Detection of underground utilities - Carrying out of climbing inspections - Installation of combined earth cables with optical fibres - High-rise framed structures All of this with the Elektrotrans standard warranty - five years from the date of the construction handover.