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The company SCX autodráha Brno has long been engaged in the lease of SCX. We will take care of its installation and operation. Rental of the track is min. for 2 hours
You can use for corporate events, celebrations, birthdays, but also Children's Day for Brno and surroundings. We will adapt speed and distance to your wishes.

We provide an adrenalin race for up to 6 competitors, incl. complete overview of the number of laps and the order of players.
You can use F1 - Pip stop strategy - mandatory refueling and the possibility of influencing the car speed by the amount of fuel.
It is possible to organize any kind of race - the fastest lap, one against one or elimination system of heats etc.

At the client's request, we can build various special circuits without any problems, perhaps even a circuit according to your company's communications. All results are digitally evaluated. For beginners and children we are able to regulate speed.

We provide:
- rental of track
- transport (variable prices in relation to fuel prices)
- operation and maintenance (assembly and disassembly, track operation by two employees)
- the possibility of renting for several days

Do not wait and let us know about the SCX car rental, which you can enjoy at any corporate, Christmas or New Year party.


SCX autodraha Brno

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SCX autodraha Brno


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