Trojek, a.s.
Ostrava - Marianske Hory

  • sales of used spare parts, wreck liquidation, environment-friendly disposal of cars, repurchase of accident-damaged cars, spare part assembly, used spare parts, used bodywork parts, wreck yard, wreck scrapping, second-hand car part sales, wreck import

  • treatment of secondary raw materials, purchase and processing of metals, recycling of construction debris, economical use of waste

Autovrakoviště Trojek, a.s. with an establishment in Ostrava - Mariánské Hory deals with ecological disposal of motor vehicles and car wrecks of all brands, type, age and categories.

Car Cemetery in Ostrava:
 - equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure the environmentally sound treatment of car wrecks,
 - securing the workplace with an insulated impermeable surface and a light-liquid separator,
 - free takeover of the vehicle,
 - the vehicle must contain essential parts, metal parts and components,
 - issuing a so-called ecological disposal document.

To dispose of the car it is necessary to present:
- large technical certificate,
- identity card (ID card or passport),
- if you are not the owner of the vehicle - power of attorney.

Due to the insulated impermeable area throughout the premises, it is not possible for any leakage of liquid to occur and thus endanger the environment. We pay attention to the professionalism with which cars we dispose.

We require the car to be in complete condition upon receipt for disposal. The following may be missing:
- seats,
- interior,
- tires,
- external plastic elements,
- operating fluids.

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