The Resorbent s.r.o. company, headquartered in Ostrava, the Czech Republic, has been operating on the market since 1999 and specializes in the sale and production of carbonaceous materials, such as activated carbon, coke, carburizing agents, sorbents, carbon filters and many others. We also carry out biogas desulphurisation and activated carbon reactivation. We export our goods to the countries of the European Union and other Central European countries.

Production, sale:
- carbonaceous materials
- anthracite
- coal
- activated carbon (pelleted, ganulated, powdered, impregnated), activated carbon reactivation
- coke
- petroleum coke
- calcinated forms of anthracite
- pitch coke
- sorbents
- carburisers, carbonaceous materials on the basis of blackcoal coke, browncoal coke, coal, anthracite
- chemicals for swimming pools (multifunctional tablets, pH+, pH-, flocculants, disinfection, algicides)
- carbonaceous materials for cementation of steels and cast irons
- materials for slag frothing
- calcinated types of anthracite, petroleum and pitch coke
- graphitized forms of calcinated petcoke
- natural, synthetic graphite.

Biogas desulphurisation

Production, reactivation, sale:
- carbon filters
- activated carbon
- coal
- activated coke
- anthracite
- carburisers
- petroleum coke
- pitch coke
- graphite
- reactivation, regeneration of sorbents
- pool chemistry.
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Themes: reactivation of activated carbon, active coke, carbohydrates, sorbents, carbon filters, biogas desulfurization