Jan Brant

Safarikova 69, Lysa nad Labem 289 22
Graphic studio Nymburk, photographic services, advertising GRAPHIC STUDIO - Graphic studio services. Creativity, clean design and variety. POSTPRODUCTION AND PHOTO - Product, illustration and fashion photography. Including professional post-production. ADVERTISING PRODUCTION - Production, printing and providing POS to support the sale of your business. WEBDESIGN - Modern and design pages working with trends and the latest technologies on the WordPress system. DIGITAL PRINTING - We have a Minolta printing machine. Simulation of offset printing at low costs. VIDEO - We shoot short video clips and company presentation videos. Idea, design, processing.

  • wedding photographs, studio photographing, exterior photographing, product photographs, photograph retouching
  • visual communication, functional websites, provision of web design services, website complete carrying out
  • graphic services, design services, printing services, production of visual styles, print processing, prepress preparation
  • Internet advertising, advertising in print media, television and radio advertising, advertising strategy, media plan creation, evaluation of advertising campaigns

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