Balvinglass s.r.o.

Slunecni 892, Novy Bor 473 01
The company Balvínglass s.r.o. focuses on the production and decoration of Bohemia Crystal and Bohemia Glass. We produce hand-blown glass and decorate other products. We offer a wide range of design goods, we produce classic production, historical glass, thematic and special series.
We also deal with charitable projects, which we can support thanks to our production.

Glassworks, production and decoration of glass:
- hand-blown products Bohemia Crystal and Bohemia Glass
- classic production of glass sets decorated with platinum or gold
- historical glass
- crystal products
- hunting glass, thematic and special series of glass
- glasses, jugs, pitchers, vases and bowls.

We are a family company operating on the market since 2007, we cooperate with domestic and foreign companies and we supply quality Czech glass.
We also provide services with regard to quality reporting, we provide supervision of loading and assistance with regard to your existing suppliers.
We have our own smelter and technological background, you can find at B. Egermann 11, Nový Bor - Arnultovice.

  • decorative glass, glass vases, decorative glass candlesticks, restaurant glass, glass products, glass christmas decorations

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