Grey iron castings, machining of castings Brno, the Czech Republic

The U.S.O.B. Ltd. company, located in Brno, has carried out machining and supplies iron and steel castings since 1996.
We machine castings completely and manufacture foundry patterns.

We provide complete deliveries of machine parts, propose appropriate technology of casting pattern production, according to your supplied drawings, and carry out optimal machining.

90% of our production goes to countries of Western Europe, but especially to Germany.

Products are delivered directly to your company.
All castings, including those made of grey cast iron, are checked by ultrasound, magnetic test and other non-destructive tests.
Castings are delivered including Certificates of chemical composition and mechanical value and machined castings including dimensional report.

At your request, we can also rough and machine castings, carry out heat treatment, refining and annealing.

Castings made of steel (conventional, stainless and special steels) and made of cast iron (grey, ductile, malleable iron).

We produce also castings of aluminium alloys - we are able to produce pattern equipment for all or we use pattern equipment delivered by you.
Maximum weight of castings:
Conventional steels 1 kg - 9 tons
Stainless and special steels 1 kg - 3 tons
Grey cast iron 0.5 kg - 18 tons
Ductile cast iron 0.5 kg - 3 tons
Malleable cast iron 0.5 kg - 100 kg
Aluminium - 300 kg.

We are a holder of ISO 9001:2001/ISO 9001:2000 quality certificate
and guarantee of quality of our products is 12 months.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us or visit our premises in Brno in the Kulkova street.

We look forward to your requests!

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