DELTA TONE surface treatment from company SVUM-CZ, MKS, SEAL, PROTEKT, the Czech Republic

Surface treatment of metals is highly required field not only in automotive industry. However, not every company is able to meet strict requirements placed on this field. But our SVUM - CZ company is. Since we use, as the only company in the Czech Republic, an unique method of metal surface treatment DELTA - MKS.
Surface treatment of metals using the DELTA MKS method has many advantages. Primarily it complies with new environmental regulations prohibiting use of toxic substances such as hexavalent chromium. Our metal treatment method is therefore absolutely harmless, yet effective. Pluses of this method further include excellent thermal and chemical resistance and also high corrosion protection. Moreover, surface treatment of metals is offered in several variants. So, you can choose treatment exactly according to your needs.

And what possibilities of metal surface treatment we offer?

- DELTA-TONE - inorganic basic system
- DELTA-SEAL - organic finish (it serves for colour marking of surfaces, slows down the white rust growth)
- DELTA PROTEKT KL 100 - treatment ensures greater resistance to red and white rust, resistance in salt mist up to 600 hours
- DELTA PROTEKT VH 300 - coating based on lithium-silicon-oxide polymer, resistance in salt mist up to 1000 hours
- DELTA PROTEKT VH 301 - contrary to VH 300, it contains a sliding agent reducing friction. It is mainly used for threads. This surface finish is possible even for small and precise threads.
- DELTA PROTEKT VH 300 and VH 301 GZ - water dilutable, hardening from 80°C. At prolonged exposure to temperature of 200°C, the effect of protection is even better.

DELTA – MKS method required not only in the automotive industry. It is also suitable for treatment of furniture fittings, plumbing materials, floatable materials or other small metal parts.

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