PERFECT program - health care of Na Homolce Hospital Prague, the Czech Republic

Probably everyone wants to take care of their health. However, not everyone wants to spend hours waiting for a medical examination. Fortunately, PERFECT program is here and provides above-standard health care for patients whose priority is efficiency of use of services and time saving.

PERFECT program is one of the programs of individual and above-standard health care provided by the Homolka Premium Care JSC. centre. It works at Na Homolce Hospital and uses its equipment and professional doctors who use the latest diagnostic and therapeutic methods.

We offer our clients:
- Provision of services in Na Homolce Hospital, if necessary also provision of specialized care at optimum dates
- Examination by top doctors in outpatient departments of Homolka Premium Care JSC. on working days
- Non-stop telephone service of the Call centre
- E-mail service and call back service - consulting, contacts, important information, answering questions
- Possibility of picking up a prescription directly in the reception of Homolka Premium Care JSC.
- Provision of thorough preventive examination once a year for free
- Free stay in an above-standard room 14 days during a year in case of hospitalization in Na Homolce Hospital

With our PERFECT program, you will get above-standard health care without useless waiting. Become a member of it and save your time for more enjoyable activities than sitting in waiting rooms of hospitals.

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