Welded steel tubes with helical weld for flammable liquid and gas media distribution, the Czech Republic

The ArcelorMittal company, headquartered in Karviná near Ostrava, offers top welded tubes with helical weld for pipelines and distribution of flammable liquid and gas media.

Welded steel tubes with helical weld are designed for distribution and transport of flammable liquid and gas media (up to the working pressure of 10 kPa), for drinking and non-potable water distribution, for hot water piping. The ArcelorMittal Tubular Products Karviná a.s., which is a member of the ArcelorMittal group in Ostrava - Karviná, focuses on the manufacture of these tubes.

The tubes are supplied with natural (black) surface or with an anticorrosion protection, polyethylene or asphalt. According to the customer's wish, the insulation can be reinforced by fiber-cement mortar.

We carefuly examine the quality of each tube. We carry out:

- destructive testing - tests of tensile strength, brittleness of weld and crash work tests.
- non-destructive testing
- ultrasonic testing
- X-ray inspection of the weld
- testing by water pressure
- residual magnetism measuring.

The tubes are supplied to the customer by railway wagons or trucks. They are always in bulk, each layer is separated by wooden interleaves and wooden wedges protect them from moving.

Each tube has an embossed monogram of the producer and the serial number. According to other requirements also the steel mark or casting number can be embossed. If requested, the tubes can be also signed on their inner surface, with the following information:

- diameter x wall
- tube length
- contract number (code).

If you want your order to be finished quickly and correctly, it has to contain precise instructions for a technically unambiguous specification that help to avoid any possible misunderstanding.

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