Chimney sweeping work are necessary for maintaining the good condition of the chimneys. Include the revision of the flue gas paths, their cleaning and overall inspection of chimneys. More extensive services include technical designs of chimneys, reconstruction of the vents, lining and assembly systems.

Kominy - Krby s.r.o. Lubos Czyz
Company Chimneys - Fireplaces s.r.o. based in Frýdlant nad Ostravicí, specializes in the supply and installation of fireplace stoves and chimneys, their drilling, lining, inspection, inspection, construction and comprehensive solutions of flue ways. We also prepare expert opinions throughout the Czech and Slovak Republics and offer chimney and ...
ZAMZE - spol. s r.o. KOMINY OPAVA
ZAMZE - SPOL. s r.o. is a tinsmith company that manufactures and assembles chimneys. We provide all chimney work in which you will find installation of chimney liners, milling and lining chimneys. We provide chimney lining and other chimney work:  - production of chimneys  - three-component thermally insulated chimneys in various ...
Jaroslav Krivanek - KOMINICTVI s.r.o. Cisteni kominu Znojmo
Company Jaroslav Křivánek - KOMINICTVÍ s.r.o. from Šatov near Znojmo deals with all chimney works. We build new chimneys and reconstruct old ones. We install facade chimneys. We also provide approval, lining and inspection of chimneys. We provide all the above activities in the vicinity of Znojmo and Šatov. Chimney sweep Jaroslav Křivánek ...
Miroslav Chromcak - Kominictvi
Chimney sweep Miroslav Chromčák deals with a comprehensive solution of all flue gas routes. We provide construction of new and renewal of existing chimneys and flue gas ducts, lining and milling of chimneys, inspection, emission measurement, control of chimneys with an industrial camera and also provide expert advice. Our company can be found at ...
Kominictvi Marek Svecar
The company Kominictví Marek Švécar deals with lining, chimney milling, flues and the construction of stainless steel chimneys and has a new store for fireplaces and Canadian stoves. We perform chimney work in Prostějov and Olomouc. We provide inspections, measurements, inspections and cleaning. Our responsible approach to intervention in the ...
Josef Belina - kominictvi Praha
Chimney sweeping Josef Bělina is a company with a rich tradition. We are a member of the Prague Chimney Sweepers Guild and the Chimney Sweepers Association of the Czech Republic. We perform chimney inspections, chimney milling, chimney lining, chimney inspection and, of course, their construction. Our chimney sweeping is located at Náměstí bří ...
Ladislav Stanicek - revize kominu
Chimney sweep Ladislav Staníček from Veverská Bítýška deals with the inspection and cleaning of chimneys. We also provide milling, lining and reconstruction of chimneys, including their revision. One of the activities of our chimney sweeping is milling and subsequent lining of chimneys. Thanks to milling, the chimney flue is increased and ...
Kominictvi Papik s.r.o.
Company Kominictví Papík s.r.o. performs all chimney work. It mainly deals with regular chimney maintenance and chimney revisions. The company also carries out milling and lining of chimneys, repairs of existing ones and construction of new chimneys. We underwent training at SCANCORE to create a new chimney sleeve in the chimney vent that ...
Boilers for gas, solid fuels, biomass, electric boilers - sales, installation, service. Plumbing, locksmithing, masonry, tiling, lathe and chimney work. Sales, installation, service - heat pumps and solar systems. Small building arm. All this is offered by Antonín Pech. Need help with the design and construction of the boiler room, ...

We provide inspections, inspections, cleaning of flue and chimneys, including lining and installation of chimney systems.

Chimney work: -cleaning of chimneys -lining of chimneys -periodic inspections of flue gas paths -authorized measurement of combustion source efficiency -technical and inspection reports -measurement of emissions -Approval.

We provide mechanical and routine cleaning of chimneys. We install stainless steel and plastic chimney systems. We check flue gas paths according to legal requirements. We insert chimneys.

Chimney services, including milling and lining of chimneys. Chimney-sweep. Flue gas inspection technician. Fireplace construction. Installation of fireplace inserts.

Chimney sweep Absatz offers chimney work such as chimney cleaning, chimney inspections, chimney approval, preventive chimney inspections, lining of chimneys for gaseous and solid fuels with a stainless steel liner or Furanflex liner, and installation of multilayer stainless steel chimneys. We provide chimney services most often in the vicinity of ...

We deal with stove work and chimney sweeping: - construction of accumulation, combination and other systems - chimneys - fireplace enclosure

Chimney sweep. Chimney milling. Chimney inspection Chimney lining with stainless steel and plastic inserts, always in the quality required for the given type of appliance Revision of smoke routes.

Service of corporate real estate, cooperative housing units or housing units of the owners' association. Maintenance, inspection and service of electrical installations, air conditioning, air conditioning. Their measurement and regulation. Work: - plumbing, roofing, locksmithing - painting and masonry - chimney, cleaning and gardening.

Sale: -spare parts for gas boilers and electric water tanks -sale of gas boilers up to 50 kW. Complete turnkey heating supplies. Chimney lining and inspection. Wholesale, retail: -parts for gas appliances.

The company has been operating on the market since 2014 and provides comprehensive chimney work in Velké Meziříčí and its surroundings: - regular inspections, flue gas cleaning and chimney reconstruction - project elaboration, sale and installation of chimney systems, inserts with certification -

Chimney sweep. Work: - milling of chimneys, tar in the chimney - chimney lining - chimney inspections according to Decree 34/2016 Coll - chimney cleaning - inspections by inspection camera. Measurement: -What - chimney draft.

Plumbing. Chimney sweep. Work: - all plumbing work - flat and sloping roofs - all chimney work: - lining, inspection of chimneys - construction of chimney systems - cleaning and inspection of flue gas paths. Premises, hall: - Bařinka 365, Zlín-Lužkovice.

Services provided in connection with chimneys in Prague: - cleaning - construction - assembly - lining - revision and inspection - repairs - reconstruction - approval reports

Chimney sweep: - inspection, cleaning - chimney lining, milling

Chimney sweep, chimney sweeping work. Revision, insertion: - chimneys. Services: - organizing magic shows for children's carnivals, celebrations and balls.

Activity, work: - chimney sweep, chimney sweeping - cleaning, lining chimneys - construction of chimneys - revision