The option of the purchase and installation of air conditioning technology, when the services include also repairs, regular servicing and possible replacement. There are air conditioning ceiling cassette, wall, ceiling or parapet, depending on whether the air conditioning is designed to the firm or house.

Work: -Welding -pipework -Locksmith -boilerwork -plumbing -distribution of impulse piping -air engineering -electric -software
Greif-akustika, s.r.o. Mereni modelovani, snizovani hluku Praha
Greif - acoustics, Ltd. performs noise measurement and modeling, acoustic studies. We provide comprehensive services for industry and power engineering in the field of noise reduction from design to final assembly. We are also engaged in the production of silencers, acoustic screens, covers and containers, sound insulation and, last but not ...
KlimaTechnik s.r.o.
KlimaTechnik s.r.o. is engaged in the design, supply, service, installation and inspection of industrial ventilation and air conditioning. We also deal with recuperation, dehumidification for family houses and smaller plants and production halls. The primary goal of our company is customer satisfaction and provision of quality services in the ...
KlimaTechnik s.r.o.
We are engaged in the production of sandwich noise bar panels, noise systems with unique properties. There are 3 variants of noise barriers to choose from: -Akustik P - basic variant, used for outdoor applications. The panel is delivered in galvanized version. Available in different colors. -Akustik D - demanding design variant, always ...
RX servis s.r.o. Vzduchotechnika, klimatizace Brno
The company RX servis s.r.o. focuses on the supply and installation of air conditioning and air conditioning equipment.
Klimastyle s.r.o.
We offer complete services in the field of air conditioning, industrial refrigeration, heat pumps, LED lighting.
MIVOTOP s.r.o. Vytapeni, voda, plyn Opava
MIVOTOP .s.r.o. is a stable family company from Opava with almost 30 years of experience in the field of water, gas, heating and gas inspection. We operate in the Moravian-Silesian Region and throughout the Czech Republic. In addition to gas installation supplies, we provide a comprehensive service of heat pumps and air conditioners. We ...
Zdenek Obr Vzduchotechnika a klimatizace Prostejov
The company Zdeněk Obr - Air conditioning and air conditioning - specializes in sales, installation and servicing of air conditioning, air conditioning and recuperation units in the vicinity of Prostejov. We also provide installation of installed equipment. We install equipment for apartments, offices and commercial buildings. We provide ...
Termo Mostek Intalaterstvi Uherske Hradiste
Plumbing work - complete supplies and installation: - central heating (classic and floor) - water mains - sewerage - central vacuum cleaners - bathroom equipment - solar systems - domestic waterworks and pumps - reconstruction of apartment cores.
BUDKA s.r.o. mrazici, chladici technika
We have been specializing in the supply, installation and servicing of refrigeration, refrigeration and air conditioning technology since 1991. The services that our company offers include: - service of all refrigeration, freezing and air conditioning equipment (hypermarkets, hotels, grocery stores, grocery stores, restaurants and ...
Pavel Dolezal instalaterske prace Hradec Kralove
Pavel Doležal provides its customers with complete plumbing work. We provide installation of water, heating and gas, including revisions and project documentation. We are located in the village of Lochenice, Hradec Králové District. Work, craft, services: - plumbing - plumbing, plumbing - heating engineer, heating engineer - gasman, gas ...
MENERGA CZECH+, spol. s r.o.
Air handling and air conditioning, energy systems for living spaces and swimming pool complexes.
Our company supplies turnkey air conditioners, heat pumps, dehumidifiers. Everything for both households and industry, large customers. We provide all services related to the operation of such technologies.
Klimatizace a vzduchotechnika Znojmo, bbklima99 s.r.o.
Sale, assembly, service: -commercial refrigeration, refrigerators, freezers, ice and freezing boxes, refrigerated cases, ice makers -air condition TOSHIBA, DAIKIN, FUJITSU -air cleaners FAIR -air conditioning. Renting: -non-residential rooms.
CHLAZENI Kostal Ladislav
Ladislav Košťál deals with the supply, service and inspection of cooling and freezing equipment. We provide inspection of refrigeration, repairs of refrigerators, freezers, cooling boxes, draft equipment and installation of air conditioning. You can find us in Mirovice, district Písek. Our activities:  - installation of cooling equipment, ...
Kovo vzduchotechnika spol. s r.o. Vzduchotechnicka zarizeni Havlickuv Brod
Production, custom production, sale: Ventilation Ventilation equipment. Production, assembly, assembly: Air conditioning of buildings, ventilation equipment of buildings, equipment of thick sheets Extraction of pollutants and dust Installations for the pneumatic transport of sand and similar materials Metalworking, plasma ...
Complete deliveries of building equipment (from design to implementation).
RJ - Klima, s.r.o.
The company RJ - KLIMA s.r.o. performs installation, service, repairs and inspections of air conditioning. Service, repairs, installations, revisions: - air conditioning - residential, office - air conditioning - industrial, air conditioning
Stec SVT, s.r.o.
Design, implementation: -ventilation system -air conditioning Insulation work Piece plumbing production Manufacture of metal structures Execution of constructions
Vlastimil Svoboda Vzduchotechnika, klimatizace
The company Vlastimil Svoboda supplies, installs and also services air-conditioning and air-conditioning equipment. We supply both residential, office and industrial equipment. We are located in the village Bylany, district Chrudim. Delivery, installation, service: - ventilation system - air conditioning - products for apartments, offices ...