Courses offered as study foreign languages, also cooking, painting, play a musical instrument or social and communication skills, which finds application in the employment sphere. Use the services of a certified workplaces and learn new skills.

POLAS VIDEOSTUDIO Kameranam Praha, nataceni videa
Videostudio. Videos, video shows, spots, spots, virals, viral videos, instructional videos, documents, jingles, jingles, video for the web and social networks, all on a turnkey basis. Virtual studio, virtual environment, virtual world, online transmissions. Localization of videos into Czech and all other languages, dubbing, reanimation, ...
Mettler - Toledo, s.r.o. Presne vahy Praha
METTLER TOLEDO is supplier of precise instruments and services for field of weighing, measurement and analysis: -laboratory balance -laboratory analytical apparatuses -pipettes -automatized chemistry -industrial measuring systems -industrial balance and systems -packing inspection -transport and logistics -retail.
Vztahy jinak - Libuse Jisova |
Courses, seminars, personal consultations in the interpersonal relationships I specialize in the relationship between parents and their children. In this area, I have many years of experience both as a regular teacher in the nursery school, then as a director in a state and now private nursery school, but also as a lecturer and personal ...