Production, processing, sale and repurchase of ferrous and non-ferrous light and heavy metals such as pure metals and alloys. Carbon steel, cast iron, aluminum alloy, brass, bronze or noble metals you will find in the offers of producers and the demands of collecting yards.

Manufacture and sale of steel wire ropes: Wire ropes for ski lifts, road machines, rail, boat and aircraft transport. - steel wire ropes with a diameter of 1-30 mm - STANDARD - SEAL - FILLER - WARRINGTON - SEALWARRINGTON - HERKULES - STABIL - SINGLE-STRAND ROPES LANA VAMBERK company is a manufacturer of steel wire ropes with more ...
Toyota Tsusho Europe SA Czech Republic Branch trading, logistics
There are divisions of metalworking, production of spare parts and logistics, robotics and project management, chemical processing and electronics and consumer goods in the Czech Republic. Steel department provides supply of steel products, such as rods, wires, pipes and flat products in wide range of versions. We offer these products in ...
Kovohute Pribram nastupnicka, a.s.
Purchase and recycling: -lead scrap and its alloys -lead accumulators. Production: -pig lead and lead alloys.