European subsidies can support your plans. A specialized company will help you with the evaluation plan, drafting the grant application, administration, and management and analysis of grant opportunities. Let you help and get the european, state or regional grant.

Ing. Dalibor Cmiel
The supplier Ing. Dalibor Čmiel provides comprehensive services in the processing of subsidies New Green Savings and Kotlíkové subsidies in the Moravian-Silesian Region. We will advise you on the financing of ecological heating and how to apply for subsidies. We are also familiar with the Kotlíkové dotace program throughout the Moravian-Silesian ...
Financial services: - housing loans - loans for apartment buildings - loans - insurance.
Stelma spol. s r.o.
The company Stelma spol. s.r.o, Pardubice provides comprehensive services in the area of drawing subsidies not only from EU sources, but also from National and regional sources. We are at the beginning of a new subsidy period and there will definitely be a division. The obtained subsidy can make you very happy, but at the same time create many ...
I have my clientele in many areas. Due to the services I offer, I focus on customers from both the public and private spheres. Among the satisfied clients are cities, municipalities, companies and small and medium-sized enterprises, etc. I have ten years of experience in the field of subsidies. I search for, design, write and manage national and ...

Deductible item for research and development, science and research (R&D), tax benefits for research and development. Advice on EU subsidies. Public contracts, tender documentation.

AB Corp s.r.o. deals with project management. We provide economic and financial advice. Our services include comprehensive grant and project consulting for industrial production, research, development and innovation. Services: - economic consultancy - financial advice - grant advice - project consulting. Comprehensive grant and project ...

We provide services in the field of subsidies, public procurement and project management. Our services are always comprehensive. We work for the public and private spheres. Our clients include municipalities, cities, small businesses and large corporations. We have been here for you since 2006.

Services: - project activity in construction, projection - engineering activity in construction - consulting and coordination activities - activities related to drawing subsidies.

Services: - complete service and consulting services for EU funds - establishment of a voluntary association of municipalities - Establishment of LAGs and principles of local partnership - creation of strategic development plans for municipalities and associations - SWOT analysis

Advice on subsidies and development opportunities for: - municipalities - schools - businessmen - nonprofit organizations

Activity: - implementation of construction contracts and the provision of specialized legal and financial services - rehabilitation of concrete structures and reconstruction of buildings - grouting and remediation of cracks, grouting of leaks and remediation of wet masonry. Education.

Our company BAOBAB green care s.r.o. based in Prague, has been engaged in comprehensive care for greenery for many years. In our activities we focus mainly on the following areas: - establishment and reconstruction of parks, gardens and accompanying greenery - contractual maintenance of greenery - garden and landscape architecture - ...

- Construction and design work - Engineering services - Settlement of subsidies - New Green Savings - Road transport - transport and import of bulk materials, rubble, soil - Financing

Providing comprehensive services in the field of subsidies

Consulting and engineering in the field of subsidies in the construction of ponds, reservoirs

Services: -EU structural funds, grants and subsidies for the business and public sector - exhaustive databases, where we are the only ones to guarantee topicality. Adjustable monitoring of grant calls to your email. We provide grant know-how.

Services: - company subsidies - EU subsidies - financial advice.

Activity: - services of professional grant advisers - consultation and preparation of project plans - grant and advisory services - Investment Incentives

Grant advice. Subsidies for municipalities, farmers, entrepreneurs, biomass, tourism and the environment

Subsidy consultancy for forestry, advisory and intermediary services in forestry, nature protection and the environment.

Providing complete advice on public procurement for contracting authorities and tenderers. It is a complete agenda of tenders and tenders, agenda of objections, elaboration of internal regulations. For bidders, the company ensures the complete preparation of the tender for the tender procedure, including the agenda of objections. The company also ...

Subsidy center, services: - grant advice - subsidies, EU funds - public procurement, tenders for suppliers.

Consulting services - grant management - project financing - public procurement.

Activity: - construction - engineering services - financial preparation of constructions

Services: - solutions for obtaining and drawing subsidies from European Union funds - preparation of project plans, processing of grant applications and complete processing of projects - advice on the appropriate setting of internal company processes - feasibility study - advice on mergers and acquisitions - Interim management