European subsidies can support your plans. A specialized company will help you with the evaluation plan, drafting the grant application, administration, and management and analysis of grant opportunities. Let you help and get the european, state or regional grant.

E-expert, spol. s r.o.
The company E-expert, spol. s r.o. focuses on providing expert consultations for environmental projects. As part of these consultations, we process this documentation.  Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)  - the most important environmental impact assessment for new projects  - We have been dealing with EIA in the long term  - we follow ...
Ing. Dalibor Cmiel
The supplier Ing. Dalibor Čmiel provides comprehensive services in the processing of subsidies New Green Savings and Kotlíkové subsidies in the Moravian-Silesian Region. We will advise you on the financing of ecological heating and how to apply for subsidies. We are also familiar with the Kotlíkové dotace program throughout the Moravian-Silesian ...
Danove poradenstvi Topinka Brno
Tax and accounting office, tax and accounting consultants.
Adam Bialek Dotacni a energeticke poradenstvi
Consulting in the field of subsidies and activity in the construction industry during the construction or reconstruction of family houses is provided by our company. Among other things, we carry out a complete energy assessment, including the design of energy measures as well as the performance of heating sources. The purpose of our activity is ...
Stelma spol. s r.o. Granty a dotace Pardubice
The company Stelma spol. s.r.o, Pardubice provides comprehensive services in the area of drawing subsidies not only from EU sources, but also from National and regional sources. We are at the beginning of a new subsidy period and there will definitely be a division. The obtained subsidy can make you very happy, but at the same time create many ...
Pavel Dolezal instalaterske prace Hradec Kralove
Pavel Doležal provides its customers with complete plumbing work. We provide installation of water, heating and gas, including revisions and project documentation. We are located in the village of Lochenice, Hradec Králové District. Work, craft, services: - plumbing - plumbing, plumbing - heating engineer, heating engineer - gasman, gas ...
MCI SERVIS s.r.o. partner pro zadavaci rizeni, dotace Zlin
Services - procurement procedure - profile of the contracting authority - grant management - Health and Safety Coordinator - performance of technical supervision - knowledge of FIDIC international business conditions.
EUbuilding, a.s. pozemni stavitelstvi
All types of constructions in the building construction sector will be supplied by EUbuilding, a.s. We have been operating on the market since 2011 and, thanks to our consistency and professional approach, we are one of the capable and prosperous construction companies. Our goal is first-class work and satisfaction of our customers. As part ...
Universal Solutions s.r.o.
The company Universal Solutions s.r.o. has been involved in fundraising, subsidy and grant policy for over 17 years. We have experience in processing grant applications and also in processing all mandatory annexes, mainly to OPŽP, IROP, OP PIK, FM/ EEA Norway, GP MZE, SFDI, SFŽP, MMR, foundations and foundation funds, grants, sponsorship and many ...
Centrum evropskeho projektovani a.s.
The company Centrum Evropské projektování a.s. is a provider of advisory, consulting and training services in the field of EU subsidies, public procurement, project management and design activities. Since 2007, our company has been a reliable and respected partner on the way to your goals. We offer consulting, organizational and expert services ...
A company specializing in the implementation of turnkey photovoltaic power plants, heat pumps, electric charging stations. assistance with obtaining subsidies.

- Construction and design work - Engineering services - Settlement of subsidies - New Green Savings - Road transport - transport and import of bulk materials, rubble, soil - Financing

PragmaTech s.r.o. He will advise you: - with the technical background of the buildings - heating, air conditioning, optimization - with subsidies - with design, project, installation of photovoltaics

Consulting, processing, administration in the area of subsidies from EU funds. Providing the OPPI program.

VBS projekce s.r.o., a company operating in the Opava district, provides projection and diagnostics of buildings.

Providing comprehensive services in the field of subsidies