Telecommunication and communication services include not only the classic telephone connections, but also internet companies and households, cable and digital television or the implementation of multimedia networks or other broadcasting and radiocommunication services.

Dial Telecom, a.s. Telekomunikacni operator Praha
An alternative telecommunication operator. VOICE SERVICES - ISDN30.WAY Optimum solution of your company telephone services by ISDN30 line connection - CALL.WAY PLUS Solution of your voice services by using operator dialling code - VOIP.WAY Direct connection telephone service implemented via Internet connection - ISDN2.WAY Optimum ...
LAMA energy a.s.
Buy and sale of heating oil: - heavy oil - light oil - low sulfur.
Modern and quality communication solution for private company and large, public, data networks and voice and multimedia networks. Portfolio of supplied products and equipment allows to realize wide spectrum of mutual compatible scale solution of networks LAN, WAN and MAN. It especially concerns: -backbone network equipment SDH and DWDM -access ...

Orientation of the company: -import -export -sale -installation and servicing of telecommunication equipment and other commodities. Digital telephone exchanges Acquisition, designing and construction of mobile telephone networks. Supply and installation of equipment for the GSM systems and other mobile telephone systems.