CELOMED s.r.o.

Bylinné kapky - Rakytník

  • sanitary agents, cleaning agents, disinfecting agents, washing agents, cleaning detergents, cosmetic preparations
  • dietetic foodstuffs, foods for diabetics, sugar-free foodstuffs, low-fat foods, gluten-free foods, food supplements
  • over-the-counter sale of medicines, on prescription only sale of medicines, nutritional supplements sale, food supplements sale, pharmacy cosmetics, contraceptives sale
  • food supplements, vitamin supplements, medicaments and drugs offer, pharmacological preparations, natural treatment, clinical drug testing, supply pharmacies
  • massaging with hot lava stones, relaxing massages, fitness exercise, sport rehabilitation, physiotherapy
  • health care, health facilities, professional health services, other medical professions

Czech Companies:    Dietary, diabetic foods and food supplements,  Medical specialists and other therapists,  Medicines and drugs,  Pharmacies,  Rehabilitation, relaxation and massages,  Toiletries and cosmetics,