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  • arts and crafts, blacksmithery and carpentry, plastic art and sculpture, leather and fur processing, goldsmithery

RoKy Core Drilling in Ostrava specializes in core drilling and concrete cutting. They also focus on anchoring in concrete and cutting the panel with a wall saw. It operates not only in Ostrava, but also in the vicinity of Opava.

We drill with a core drill with water-cooled diamond crowns. We drill in reinforced concrete, bricks, lost formwork and other building materials. High-precision boreholes with minimal shocks and negligible vibrations are one of the main advantages of core boreholes, which create precise circular holes, penetrations for pipes, cabling, probes, anchors or reinforcements. We perform core drilling from a diameter of 25 mm to 350 mm, at various angles and of any length.

Water-cooled wall saw cutting can be performed horizontally and vertically over concrete and reinforced concrete structures. We cut from a thickness of 100 mm to 330 mm. The saw is powered by 380V electricity, which sets in motion a high-performance cutting head with a fixed rotating diamond blade and moves along the guide bar, thus achieving a very accurate cut. We use the wall saw to cut concrete, reinforced concrete, panels, thresholds, ceilings, walls, floors, concrete stairs and also penetrations for windows, doors, gates. The advantages of the saw is fast, precise, clean work.

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