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THERMATIC focuses on revisions of gas, gas equipment, boilers and revisions of pressure vessels - stable.
It has clients mainly in Zlín, Kromeriz, Zlin, Olomouc, South Moravia.
The price is not increased by a longer route.

Inspections and inspections of gas and pressure equipment are mandatory by law, do not expose yourself to danger and call an inspection technician regularly.
This is a complex issue. We already have many years of experience in the field, thanks to knowledge of Act No. 85/1978 Coll. we are able to advise you on what obligations apply to you and keep an eye on the review deadlines.

Owners of a home or apartment should have a gas review every 3 years for safety and home insurance contract terms.
Companies, owners of apartment buildings, schools, kindergartens and other organizations must, in addition to inspections once every three years, also perform inspection of gas equipment once a year.

Revision of gas equipment:
 - gas boiler, boiler room
 - gas cooker
 - pipeline, pipelines with technical gases
 - gas-fired furnaces
 facilities for the storage, transport of gas, etc.

Revisions of dedicated pressure equipment:
 - pressure, expansion vessels
 - steam and hot water boilers of the 4th class
 - compressors.

Pressure vessels are subject to operational revisions once a year and more thorough internal revisions at least once every 5 years.

Boilers are subject to operational revisions once every 3 months and more thorough internal revisions once a year.
At least once every 9 years it is necessary to carry out a pressure test on both boilers and pressure vessels.

When new gas or pressure equipment is put into operation, an initial revision is always performed.

Another services:
 - installation of gas appliances and appliances
 - technical inspections of boiler rooms
 - consultancy in the field of gas engineering, boiler rooms
 - training of operators of gas and pressure equipment
 - processing documentation from training and examinations reviews
Plumbing topo gas.

  • installation of heat distribution systems, local heating installation, installation of individual central heating, central heating installation, distance heating installation, underfloor heating installation
  • water pipeline laying, sewage pipeline laying, wc bowl replacement, mixing water tap installations, water distribution system repairs
  • immersion pumps, hot water pumps, hydro dynamic pumps, centrifugal pumps, sludge pumps, compressor accessories
  • pressure expansion vessels, expansion vessels of heating systems, expansion vessels for solar systems, water expansion vessels
  • special educational courses, team building courses, machine operation courses, workshops and motivation courses
  • installation of gas systems, inspection of gas equipment, maintenance of gas distribution network, gas fitter services, repairs of gas pipelines and gas installations

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