OTECO CZ, spol.s r.o.

We are a company OTECO CZ, spol. s.r.o. dealing with blasting, painting and sandblasting. You will find our headquarters in Bucovice in the Czech Republic, which is part of the EU.

We produce a complete range, such as compressed air and blasting equipment with throwing wheels, cabins and ecological filters with a fan for the automotive industry and metal production.

We provide:
- locksmith production of shelters, gates, doors, railings
- varnishing from primers to the final stage
- blasting of weldments, wheel discs, frames
- production, sale of blasting equipment
- construction work and service
- supply of spare parts

Blasting equipment with throwing wheels:
- drumblast system SMART - for loosely inserted parts on a moving belt, which shapes them in the shape of a trough
- OPTIMA suspension equipment - suspension on a rotating and horizontally moving hook
- OPTIMA continuous blasting equipment with roller conveyor - tunnel design
- special equipment - according to customer requirements
- shot peening - to strengthen the surface
- equipment with a wreath - for new production and renovation of old locomotives

Compressed air blasting:
- manual injector and pressure cabins - for small and medium parts
- PH blasting boxes - for parts of any dimensions and shapes
- separate units for cleaning abrasives EKOLOG - better surface quality after blasting
- complete sets

Ecological filters with fan:
- cleaning the air from dry mechanical impurities
- cartridge design - takes up much less space than other filters
- countercurrent cleaning principle
- automatic JET - for dry dirt

We also manufacture equipment for transport and cleaning of abrasives, loading and additional mechanisms. We will ensure the availability of spare parts for blasting equipment OTECO and other brands.

We deliver our machines across Europe and to 27 countries around the world.


Smart, Optima, Ekolog


Blasting, sandblasting, cabins, equipment, production, automotive industry, metal production, Czech Republic

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+420 517 383 506

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