Znojemska Beseda
Kulturni a spolecenske akce Znojmo

Znojemská Beseda is a contributory organization of the City of Znojmo, which takes care of organizing cultural and social events. For example, Znojmo Historical Vintage, Beer Festival, Znojmo Cultural Summer, Znojmo Advent and others. They also run the Znojmo Municipal Theater and also rent theatrical costumes.

Cultural services:
-cultural programs, theater performances, concerts, lectures, courses
-monthly newsletter (processing, printing, distribution)
-Znojemské vintage

Tourist Information Center (TIC):
-Obroková 10, phone, fax: 515222552,
e-mail: tic@beseda.znojmo.cz
-information-about the city and its surroundings, transport links, accommodation, meals
-overview of cultural, social, sports events
-ticket office
-sale-tourist publications, maps, road maps, city plans, postcards, souvenirs
-services-copying, fax service

Znojmo underground:
-Chicken Market 2, tel .: 515221342

Town hall Tower:
-Obroková 12, phone: 515216297,
e-mail: vez@beseda.znojmo.cz
-TIC branch
-order-off-season mass tours of the city, Znojmo underground

Wolf Tower:
-Kollárova, phone: 515265216,
e-mail: vlkova.vez@beseda.znojmo.cz
-TIC branch
-view tower accessible with a guide
-public internet services

City theatre:
-sale sale of tickets, tel .: 515216297
-suit rental, tel .: 515226524.

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Znojemska Beseda


Masarykovo namesti 449/22
Znojmo 669 02

+420 515 300 241

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