VESAS s.r.o.
stavebni firma

Cyrilometodejska 43/20, Trebic 674 01
Telephone: +420 568 842 183

Our company VESAS s.r.o. is a construction company that realizes the construction of houses and reconstruction around the towns of Trebic, Velke Mezirici, Vysocina. We have been operating in the field of residential and industrial construction since 1991 and we have had many successful realizations of buildings. We are mainly building new houses, civic buildings, industrial buildings and reconstruction of houses, historic buildings and other masonry buildings. We make projections of houses and all other buildings.
Our services also include thermal insulation of facades, attics and roof trusses of family, apartment and panel houses. We also offer the sale of insulation materials and tools for thermal insulation of buildings.

We also provide plumbing and residential wiring. We install central heating in all types of buildings, underfloor heating, gasification, storage electric heating, as well as non-traditional energy sources. Arrange wiring for water supply, sewerage, gas inspection.

In our work, we place the greatest emphasis on the excellent quality of work and meeting the deadlines. We have all the technical equipment necessary to perform precise work. We are in favor of introducing new progressive technologies and materials.

Construction work:
 - new buildings
   family houses
   civil buildings
   industrial objects
 - reconstruction
   family houses
   historical buildings
   other masonry objects.

Installation and projection:
 - central heating of all buildings
 - floor heating
 - gas installation
 - electric storage heating
 - heat pumps
 - non-traditional energy sources
 - water mains
 - sewerage
 - gas revision

Reg. No.: 25595946
VAT No.: CZ25595946
District: Trebic
Country: The Czech Republic
Legal form: limited company
Employees: 26 - 100 employees
Turnover: unspecified
Contact person: Ing. Bohumil Bobek

+420 568 842 183



Contact persons:
Ing. Bohumil Bobek
tel: +420 777 650 200
fax: +420 568 842 183

Jana Hnizdilova
tel: +420 568 824 850

GPS: 49°12′52.42″ N, 15°53′27.46″ E

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