SMART Comp. a.s.
zakaznicke centrum NETBOX

namesti Svobody 18, Brno - stred 602 00
The company is the leader in ETTx network solutions in Central Europe.
Operator of NETBOX networks and solutions for the provision of telecommunications services:
-Internet Access
-VOICE offer of voice services,
means cheap calling without
flat rate and a large selection of tariffs for
businesses and households (in the form of
telephony does not change anything)
-VIDEO, fully digital television
broadcast with crystal clear image,
stereo sounds and lots of other benefits
as a personal video recorder
-SECURITY, completely wireless system
electronic security of your
apartment, house, office or manufacturing
space, continuous connection to the counter
central protection
-We use telemetry systems for
measurement and regulation of centralized
control systems, for example for readings
conditions of water meters, gas meters and electricity meters
-Camera systems, for surveillance
common areas of residential houses,
urban camera surveillance systems and
other applications.

  • Internet providers, high-speed connection, data limits, mobile data, unlimited ADSL, additional services
  • telephone operator service, voice service, data transfer service, number transferability

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