Jiri Hartman

Chotec 121, Chotec 507 81
Our saw provides comprehensive processing of wood and wood mass from logging by various technologies, transport of wood, sawing logs and sale of finished wood products.

Wood production includes:
 - building and joinery timber
 - floorboards
 - floors
 - OBS boards, Durelis
 - chipped dried firewood - firewood Jičín
 - building timber Jičín, Lázně Bělohrad, Nová Paka, Hořice
 - prisms, beams
 - square planks
 - carpentry structures
 - sawdust
 - wood briquettes
 - center and side boards

We provide the following services:
 - drying
 - impregnation of wood and lumber
 - sawing logs
 - planing
 - transport
 - sharpening saws

Our sawmill and woodworking is easily accessible mainly from the towns of Jičín, Nová Paka, Hořice v Podkrkonoší and Hradec Králové

  • floors of wood, wooden parquet blocks, solid wood flooring, veneer flooring, wooden floating floors, wooden stairs
  • coniferous sawn building timber, construction lumber from deciduous trees, impregnated building timber, dried structural lumber, square edged planks, undressed boards, central planks, square wooden balks, wood laths
  • sawmill products, construction timber, processed solid wood, boards and planks, roof battens, squared timber and rafters

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