ETARGET CZ, s.r.o.

Vocelova 5, Praha 2 120 00
ETARGET is one of the biggest PPC (Pay Per Click) systems of context advertising in the Czech Republic.

ETARGET is a supplier of "pay-per-click" paid searching results on Czech, Slovak, Hungarian and Romanian markets.

The company provides its clients with an opportunity of preferential display of their link in a network of its partner information and search portals.

A client has an opportunity to choose keywords, on their basis client's link will be displayed on one from the first five positions of searching.

Method of taxation:
- in our place you pay only for clicks on your advertisements. It means that your advertisement is displayed free of charge and you pay after somebody decides to go to your website and click on your advertising link. So you do not have to pay for users who saw your advertisement but they were not so interested in it to click on it (e.g. because of they are searching another product).

  • web site designing, individual web graphic, e-shop designing, web application designing
  • mass electronic campaigns, advertising campaigns organisation, direct marketing, event marketing, telemarketing

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