PEPA sport Opava spol. s r.o.
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PEPA Sport is a place of active rest, regeneration and relaxation with more than 30 years of tradition, now in the modern air-conditioned premises of the Breda & Weinstein shopping center.
PEPA Sport offers:
 - everything for fitness, wellness, leisure.
Exercise, weight training, personal trainer, solarium, infrasauna, cycling, boxing, advice, weight loss, sports bar.
 - aerobics, aerobic exercise, balance exercise, treadmills, treadmill, elliptical trainer, steppers, post-operation exercise, exercise after 60, for seniors, for women, for youth, cycling, fitness and fitness exercises, fitness training, circuit training, spinning, jump, trampolines.
 - construction of fitness centers, sports equipment, exercise machines, fitness equipment, fitness machines, balancing aids, aids, accessories, exercise bikes, steppers, dumbbells, clothing, roller skates, solariums, massage accessories, professional books, sports nutrition, amino acids, creatin creatine), carbohydrates, proteins, burners, carnitine (carnitine), vitamins, minerals (mineral substances), joint nutrition, color for bodybuilders, antioxidants, functional foods, ionic drinks Entered / Edited.
We offer services:
 - exercise and fitness under professional guidance
 - personal consultations including personal diet trainer (instructor), preparation of diet in the spirit of healthy diet
 - weight reduction
 - body-shaping, body strengthening.

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PEPA sport Opava spol. s r.o.


U Fortny 49/10 (OC Breda)
Opava 746 01
+420 602 524 918

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