Milan Paril

Nad Prachovnou 750, Brtnice 588 32

  • revitalization of green vegetation, orchard treatment, treatment of existing woody plants, planting of trees and bushes, lawn treatment
  • garden designs, landscape designer services, landscaping design, designing of irrigation systems, garden pond designing
  • fishing tackle, fishery and angling equipment, carp and pikeperch breeding, breeding of perches, fish hatcheries
  • forest management, timber harvesting, forest protection, forest growing, protection of endangered forest species, management of forestry parks, tree nurseries
  • capture of forest animals, forest animal shooting, hunting organization
  • adjustment of agricultural land, crop farming, wood chipping, grain grinding, seed production, crop sowing, land spading, soil aeration
  • adjustment of gardens, garden design, garden plants, garden equipment, sale of trees, fruit trees sale, sale of flowers and seeds, sale of ornamental plants

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