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We could talk for hours about the advantages of presenting companies in the company catalog. Most people, however, automatically imagine the Czech version of such a catalog, PR articles, offers and other means of promoting the company. In addition to addressing Czech waters, the European databank also offers its clients an effective presentation abroad through a new improved foreign presentation of companies. Today's article tells you how you can promote your business, its products and services with the European databank abroad.

Company presentation in catalog EDB

Presentation of companies in English, German and Slovak

In addition to the notorious Czech version of the catalog and the presentations of companies contained therein, we create these presentations in mutations of English, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish and Slovak. Thus, your company and its products and services will not only be traceable for Czech speaking and searching customers, but also according to your wishes also for the foreign language market. And that sounds, acknowledge, at least very interesting.

PR article in English or German? Data on foreign companies? No problem

However, the new foreign presentation of the companies of the European databank does not mean merely a foreign entry in the catalog of companies. It is a completely new sophisticated presentation in English, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish or Slovak, to which PR articles can be created in any given extent, current foreign language offers of products and services in the form of text advertising, as well as foreign PPC campaign. So it is up to you to decide how much you would like to create an extended foreign presentation and how much you want to place content that will work for you in the long term. Another candy is the provision of data on companies, which in addition to Czech companies, we also carry out the foreign ones. The new foreign presentation of the company together with other advertising tools provides a great opportunity for effective promotion literally throughout the English, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish and Slovak speaking world.

Providing business data

A new foreign presentation of companies will address a larger part of the market

It is also worth noting that foreigners searching in their language do not only live beyond the borders of our country, but often live in our territory. However, when they search through the search engines for products and services they currently need, they search in the vast majority of cases in their native language. This was also one of the reasons why we decided to include the Slovak language in the European databank. A significant number of Slovaks have been living and working in the Czech Republic for a long time.

Responsive design and SEO as part of a new international presentation of your company

When developing a new foreign presentation of the European Databank companies, we used the long-term experience we have from advertising in the field of foreign internet. We have learned from past shortcomings, added a number of innovations and started a whole new era of foreign language promotion for our clients. The new foreign presentation of companies looks not only at first sight quite differently than before, but of course there is also its responsive design for all kinds of mobile devices or nowadays much-needed SEO optimization.

Do not hesitate to contact our specialist for more details about your new international presentation. Reach a foreign market with the European databank! New company presentation will help you.

Responsive design

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Published 18.10.2019

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