GAVENDA s.r.o.
Zelezarstvi, spojovaci material Opava

  • manual electric tools, workshop tools, professional instruments, belt sanders, domestic do-it-yourself, cordless drills

  • penetration coatings, water-repellent impregnation coatings, additives for mortars, concrete admixtures, biocidal protection, surface active agents

  • metallurgical materials, hanging systems, small hardware, iron hooks, strips for ironmongery, metal mesh

  • ironmongery, door hinges and closers, window and door gaskets, door locks, cylindrical inserts

  • key manufacture, key system installation, cylindrical lock manufacture, letterbox keys, car key manufacture

  • sales of roll bearings, ball bearings, heavy-duty suspension chains, die forges

  • screws and nuts, anchor equipment, threaded rods, nails and washers, metal fasteners

Branch of GAVENDA s.r.o. v Opava is a specialized shop of fasteners and ironmongery, including bolts, nuts, nails, dowels, rivets, ground anchors and electrodes. The fastener shop is located in the GAVENDA shopping center in Opava.

Hardware stores:

  - fasteners
  - universal wood screws
  - furniture, plasterboard program
  - metric screws
  - nuts, washers
  - sheet metal screws
  - nuts
  - screws
  - pins
  - rivets
  - blanking plugs
  - caps
  - bits
  - washers
  - retaining rings, rivets, pins, split pins
  - clips, clamps, eyes, tensioners
  - threaded rods
  - stainless steel
  - steel ropes
  - nails
  - construction screws
  - chains
  - carpentry fittings
  - MUNGO, FISCHER anchor technology
  - ground anchors and screws
  - fasteners
  - tools
  - dowels
  - riveting technology
  - construction chemistry
  - pool chemicals
  - aluminum, wooden, painting ladders
  - electric tools
  - hammers, pliers, clubs, axes, chisels
  - heads, wrenches, gola sets
  - Files, rasps
  - screwdrivers, electronic gauges
  - saw blades, saws
  - Tapping tools
  - chisels, bits
  - screwdriver bits
  - chisels, drills for metal, concrete, wood
  - wrenches, key sets
  - construction, masonry, economic tools
  - clamps, vices
  - welding needs
  - wheels for instruments, trolleys, wheels
  - pockets, tool bags
  - tools FISKARS
  - containers, bins, waste containers
  - rubber rope, hemp ropes, ropes, binding wires
  - handles, plates, locks, inserts
  - gloves
  - stops, plugs, handles
  - door, window, door hinges
  - plastic caps for pipes, yaks, screws.

We are open 6 days a week. Come visit us, we will serve you and help with the selection.


Mungo, Fischer, Fiskars, Den Braven

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GAVENDA s.r.o.


Kasarenska 10
Opava 746 01
+420 602 560 891

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