GAVENDA s.r.o.
Hutni material, profily Opava

GAVENDA s.r.o. is a reliable company with operations in Krnov, Otice and Ostrava. We are specialists in the sale of metallurgical material from structural steels. In the assortment you can find thin-walled profiles, polycarbonate, traverse, and plexiglass. We have many years of experience, our company has three halls with metallurgical material, gas storage, polycarbonate storage and locksmith workshop.

We offer wholesale and retail of metallurgical materials of all kinds:

- thin-walled profiles (closed, square, rectangular, open, C, L, U)
- mesh for fences, gardens and fencing
- screaming, screaming
- drawn steels - flats, round timber, etc.
- logs
- mesh
- ribbed steel (roxor)
- sheets (thin, thick, smooth, grooved, galvanized)
- tubes (seamless, welded, precision, threaded)
- section steel (L, T, U, I, reinforcing, round, square, flat)
- concrete logs
- reinforcing steel
- aluminum, steel, stainless steel profiles and bars
- non-ferrous metal profiles
- Sheets of non-ferrous metals and stainless steel
- polycarbonate sheets, lexane, rodeca and macrolone
- plexiglass
- materials for billboards
- welded nets for concrete
- reinforcing nets for concrete
- material for building metalwork.

We manufacture:

- building construction
- staircase
- gates
- railings
- interpretations,
- boilers
- the door
- windows
- bars
- welding work
- sheet metal cutting.

In our stores we offer a full range of fasteners, anchoring goods, nails, ropes, chains, work tools for construction and hardware.


Ocel, med, Makrolon, Rodeca

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