GAVENDA s.r.o.
Voda-Topo-Elektro Krnov

  • electric cables, power adaptors, rechargeable batteries, home switches, house sockets, motion sensors, frequency converters, electrical conductors

  • central heating radiators, gas heating radiators, radiator valves, radiator cocks, safety heating valves, bleed valves

  • sales of hose clamps, heat pumps, electrical boilers, water installation materials

Our company GAVENDA s.r.o. specializes in Vodo-Topo-Elektro. with a branch in Krnov. In stock we have faucets, pumps, pipes, siphons and other materials for electricians, heaters, plumbers and craftsmen. You can easily buy everything from us in one place.

We supply water-topo-electrical material and supplies that are suitable for do-it-yourselfers and professionals in the field. In our collection you will find for example:

- shower hoses, roses, mirelons, pumps (submersible), toilets, washbasins, pipes, elbows, reducers, notice boards, nozzles, sealing elements, cartridges
- faucets, toilet seats, sinks, flushers, fixing screws for washbasins
- standard and hose clamps, drains, plugs for washbasins and sinks, garden hoses, taps, accessories
- sockets (scrap), equipment for flushing, draining and filling, flashlights (pencil, flat, button, LED), lamps, headlamps and reflectors
- cables (extension, coaxial), sockets, drums, surge protectors and voltage converters, tubes, bulbs (LED, halogen, energy saving and fiber)
- el. timers, frames and covers for switches, terminal blocks, clips (cable), boxes (universal, plasterboard, low) including lids, bells, fuses, fluorescent starters, handbags (USB, HDIM, SCART)
- current protectors, circuit breakers and contactors, square rails, fans, and distribution boxes, circuit breakers.

If you are unsure about the selection, contact us. Our experienced staff will help and advise you at all times.


Gardena, Emos, Osram

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