GAVENDA s.r.o.
Prodejna Vodo-Topo-Elektro

  • electric cables, power adaptors, rechargeable batteries, home switches, house sockets, motion sensors, frequency converters, electrical conductors

  • hot water reservoirs, installations of solar systems, boiler regulation, distribution of heating radiators

  • radiator valves and taps, expansion tanks, safety and air-relief valves, manometers and thermometers

  • ball valves, pressure reducing valves, thermostatic mixers, float and drain valves, sealing materials, water meters and accessories

  • spraying equipment, air dryers, pressure vessels, vacuum pumps and blowers, pumping equipment

  • distribution of sanitary ceramics, shower basins, ceramic wash basins, shower hoses, wc mechanisms

Branch of GAVENDA s.r.o. in Opava there is a specialized shop water - gas - heating, you can find everything for craftsmen, plumbers, plumbers, heating engineers and electricians, from faucets, showers, plumbing and electo material, to pumps, pipes and siphons. All this under one roof. Vodo Topo Elektro is located in the GAVENDA shopping center.

The water-topo-electrical shop offers DIY and professional supplies. In the store you will find:

- submersible pumps
- Brass fittings
- shower heads, hoses
- mirelony
- washbasins, toilets
- tubes, elbows, valves, bulletin boards, reducers
- Mouthpieces
- sealing
- cartridge
- faucets
- toilet seats
- sinks
- flushing devices
- siphons
- screws for fixing sinks, toilets
- hose clamps, clamps
- outlets
- sinks, sinks
- garden hoses, accessories
- corrugated sleeves
- couplings, quick couplings
- Taps
- flushing devices, discharge, waxing
- elektro
- Rechargeable batteries, button cells, flat batteries
- LED batteries, bicycle lights, headlamps, reflectors
- extension cords, cables, coaxial cables, sockets
- drums
- voltage converters, overvoltage protections
- tube, filament, energy saving, LED, halogen
- electric timers
- frames for switches
- Switch covers
- terminal blocks
- circuit breakers
- cable clips
- universal, low, drywall
- lids for boxes
- fuses
- bells
- Starters for fluorescent lamps
- USB, HDMI, SCART cables
- circuit breakers, contactors, residual current devices
- distribution cabinets
- square strips
- fans.

We are open 6 days a week. Come visit us, we will serve you and help with the selection.


Gardena, Emos, Osram

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