GAVENDA s.r.o.
Zelezarstvi Krnov

  • anchoring equipment, rivet nuts, threaded inserts, threaded rods, hexagonal screws, self-locking screws, washer head bolts, thread-cutting screws, self-tapping screws

  • manual tools, pneumatic tools, workshop equipment, electrical tools, floor-laying tools, rotary tools

  • workshop tools, files and rasps, vices, grinding wheels, screwdrivers, hammers and axes, iron nails

  • abrasive grains, mineral blasting materials, diamond discs, abrasive discs, cutting discs, abrasive sale

Specialized shop of fasteners and hardware in Krnov can be found at GAVENDA Ltd. We are mainly engaged in fasteners, anchoring equipment and hardware. In our shop you will find screws, nuts, nails, dowels, rivets, ground anchors and electrodes, simply everything for handymen, gardeners and professionals.

- wood screws
- furniture, plasterboard program
- metric screws, nuts
- washers
- sheet metal screws
- rivets, cotter pins, pins, retaining rings
- tensioners, eyes, clips, clamps, blanking plugs
- nails
- chains, steel ropes.

Hardware Store:
- aluminum, wooden, painting ladders
- electric tools
- hammers, pliers, clubs, axes, chisels
- heads, wrenches, gola sets
- Files, rasps
- screwdrivers, electronic gauges
- saw blades, saws
- Tapping tools
- chisels, bits
- screwdriver bits
- chisels, drills for metal, concrete, wood
- wrenches, key sets
- construction, masonry, economic tools
- clamps, vices
- welding needs
- wheels for instruments, trolleys, wheels
- pockets, tool bags
- tools FISKARS
- containers, bins, waste containers
- rubber rope, hemp ropes, ropes, binding wires
- handles, plates, locks, inserts
- gloves
- stops, plugs, handles
- door, window, door hinges
- plastic caps for pipes, yaks, screws.

- Carpentry fittings
- Anchoring technology
- Riveting technology
- Construction chemistry
- Abrasives and wheels


Mungo, Fischer, Fiskars, Den Braven

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