SLEVARNA ANAH Prostejov, s.r.o.


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SLEVARNA ANAH Prostejov s.r.o. is a family company from the Czech Republic, member state of the European Union. We are a traditional manufacturer of grey iron castings. The foundry has its own pattern shop and focuses on finish treatment and production of castings, e.g. for engineering, automotive and building industries. We operate not only in Prostejov, but also in the whole Czech Republic, Slovakia and abroad.

- Annual capacity of 12000 t of grey iron castings
- Wide production range of castings
- Series orders
- Grey and ductile cast iron castings
- Machine and manual bentonite mixture moulding
- Foromat moulding machines
- Castings in weight range 0.2 – 300 kg
- Cast iron melting in 3 cold blast cupola furnaces.

Our cleaning shop is equipped with:
- 2 band blast machines
- Box and table blast machine
- New pendant blasting machine from Agtos company.

Surface finishing of castings:
- Priming with water-borne paint
- Heat treatment
- Zinc coating.

- Provision of transport
- Packaging of castings according to customers' requirements.

Pattern making:
- Manufacture of wood, metal and resin patterns
- Modifications of received patterns for our technology.

Certification of Quality Management System according to CSN EN ISO 9001:2000.

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surface finish treatment of castings, grey iron foundry, pattern making, manufacture of castings