Surface finishing, production of castings, resin models, the Czech Republic

Family company from the Czech Republic with purely Czech capital Foundry ANAH Prostějov s.r.o. occupy with the traditional production of resin models, gray iron castings and also surface finishing.

It offers surface finishing of castings, production of gray cast iron castings. The foundry has its own pattern-room where it manufactures metal, wood or resin models according to customer requirements.

- Gray and ductile iron castings
- castings in the weight category of 0, 2 - 300 kg
- wide production spectrum of castings
- mechanical and manual concrete mixture moulding
- cast iron melting in 3 cold blast cupola furnaces
- serial orders
- new model devices including core blocks in wood, cast resin, metal and combinations of these materials.

We also make modifications to existing model equipment as well as repairs of model devices according to customer requirements.

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SLEVARNA ANAH Prostejov, s.r.o.

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