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Stavby PM Pavel Machů from the Zlín Region implements concrete industrial floors throughout the Czech Republic - interior and exterior and synthetic floors. We also provide special finishes of concrete floors in order to extend their service life and repair industrial floors.
Refinement of concrete floors with materials based on synthetic resins (epoxy, polyurethane, epoxyement, polyurethane concrete).

We also make comfortable cast seamless interior floors with impact damping - in a wide range of colors. We provide surface treatment of staircases, waterproofing floors, balconies, loggias.
Synthetic floors resistant to a combination of mechanical, chemical and thermal loads - for large kitchens, chemical plants, food processing plants.

Our other activities include concrete rehabilitation and floor insulation. We also build new houses and perform partial reconstruction of buildings.
We are also selling bee products.

Realization of concrete floor:
 - reinforced concrete, reinforced concrete, fiber concrete
 - outdoor, indoor - interior
 - industrial floors without shake, with shake
 - coarse concrete with smoothing.

Interior synthetic floors:
 - antistatic, electrostatic
 - resistant to mechanical, chemical, thermal equipment.

Repair of concrete floors:
 - we reconstruct the whole area of the concrete floor and small details
 - solve the damage in the form of cracks, flakes, broken joints.

We can adjust each concrete floor by suitable surface treatment according to the required properties.

Surface treatment of new concrete floors as well as solutions of unsatisfactory condition of older floors:
 - concrete coatings
 - grinding, milling, polishing of concrete floors
 - making chemically or mechanically resistant surfaces
 - dusting of surfaces
 - roughening of surfaces and anti-slip treatment.

Construction, reconstruction:
 - residential, industrial buildings
 - family houses.

 - bee products - honey.

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