Chmelarstvi druzstvo Zatec
Pestovani a zpracovani chmele


Chmelarstvi druzstvo Zatec Pestovani a zpracovani chmele

Production, sale, installation, service, construction activities:
- AT-50, PT-15, PT-30 hop pickers
- modernization of LCCH-2, LCCH-4M, E, LCCH-6 hop-picking machines
- HUN-30 drawn hop-picker for picking low hop-field frames
- sprinklers, blower sprayers of plants, orchards, vineyards, hop fields and also areally for fields
- Comet pressure washers, air conditioning, equipment for drying of farm crops, hops, vegetables, herbs
- hop pruners, disk stubble ploughs, weeders, ploughs for hop fields
- HL-60/M prismatic presses for hop
- spare parts.

Other work:
- paint shop - synthetic and acrylic paints, box 6, 5 x 4 x 2, 8 m
- varnishing 4 x 6 m, press brake 3 m
- locksmith's trade, turning, plumbing, machining shop
- machining on CNC lathe
- CO2, ARGON, CORGON welding, including stainless steel - anticoro /anticorrosive/, sheet metal cutting, shearing, bending, blanking, cutting-out, pressing of metal plates up to 6 mm, milling, slotting, shaping, surface grinding
- angle curling on special machine also into cones
- erection of steel structures - crane tracks 3.2 t
- pole hole drilling
- tool, circular-saw blade grinding.

Production, construction, sale:
- containers for high lift trucks, stands for glass transport, protective metal gratings for windows, doors, balconies, corridor partitioning
- metal sheds
- bridge and stair railings
- doors to order
- chains, small chains
- electric motors, gearboxes and variable speed gear-boxes
- galvanized and stainless wire bands, anticorrosive items for drying kilns for hops, herbs, vegetables.

Repairs, service, testing, adjustment:
- Tifone, Kertitox, Agra, Nobili, Laser, Futura, Tajfun, Myers, Super, Monzun, Hardi and other spatial plant blower sprayers according to 147/96 Decree as 39 station
- hop-picking machines, hop-pickers and their reconditioning
- Unihop - versatile tool carrier.

Construction activity, counseling:
- processing of engineering drawings by Varicad program, technical documentation, static and strenght calculations, spare parts catalogues.

Road transport:
- Daewoo - length of loading space 6.5 m, tarpaulin.

- of texts and drawings up to A0 size.

Certification: ISO 9001:2001, 14001:2004.

Czech Companies:    

Locksmith work


Machining, turning and milling work


Metal gates and fences


Metal surface finish treatment




Services in plant production and soil cultivation


Steel structures and metal stairs


Technical crops


Welding work


Hop pickers, hop picking machines, hop oasts, hop driers, hop machinery production