CANDELA, s.r.o.

Cechova 737, Slapanice 664 51
Assembly, repair, service, installation, revision, projection:
-electric machines, devices
-complete high-current and low-current distributions
-chromo conductors.
Construction activity:
-civil, residential, industrial buildings
-construction of family houses
Floor work, laying:
-PVC, floating floors, carpets, friezes
floors, renovation of wooden floors.
ČSN EN ISO 9001: 2009

  • wooden parquet flooring, solid oak boards, multilayer parquet flooring, castle parquet flooring, renovation and grinding of parquet, floor laying
  • plastic flooring, PVC floors, vinyl flooring, laying of PVC flooring
  • interior and exterior lamps, lamps and chandeliers, spot lights, light sources, LED lighting
  • heavy current distribution systems, electrical wiring, wiring repairs, electrical equipment service, door bell wiring, intercom wiring, preparation of CATV wiring, Internet connection preparation
  • laminate floor laying, wide range of flooring, floating floors, wooden floors
  • installation of plasterboard ceilings, installing gypsum board partitions, drywall installation, plasterboard installation in attic
  • new buildings of residential houses, new flats for sale, new apartments for rent, parking spaces in new buildings, garages in new buildings
  • gypsum boards, heat and sound insulation, plasterboard lower ceilings, sheathing of lift shafts

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