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HELLER DANCE was founded in 1996 by professional dancer Tomáš Heller based on his knowledge from abroad.

Designers and seamstresses have great experience in producing specialized dresses for standard and Latin American dances, figure skating costumes, aerobics, fitness and gymnastic jerseys, formal and wedding dresses, horse riding costumes, which are appreciated by customers across Europe, the US or Japan .

Unique model features:
- All dresses, jerseys and shoes meet strict requirements for functionality and comfort for your movement without restriction
- It is custom made according to your individual needs, everything will be adapted to your character
- The models are unique, always made just for you, you will never meet the second model

Specialized dresses and dresses for various dance and social occasions and sports:
- Women's and men's dance dresses designed for standard and Latin American dances
- Women's and men's formal and evening wear, including wedding dresses
- Women's, men's and children's training dancing and ballet clothing and accessories
- Jerseys and costumes for individuals and teams (aerobics, fitness, modern gymnastics, figure skating, belly dancing)
- Dance dresses, tailwear and dress shirts
- Sportswear

Dance shoes for children, women, men adapted to the shape, hardness, anti-slip properties and flexibility of the sole always to specific dance disciplines:
- Footwear for standard and Latin dances
- Practice shoes
- Ballet shoes
- Step shoes
- Footwear for jazz dances

Wide range of necessary accessories and materials for clothes:
- Hosiery
- Monochrome, patterned, sequin and lace fabrics
- Elastic lace and lace applications in many colors
- Inelastic lace
- Stones, beads, sequins and ornaments including application aids
- Special cosmetics and make up, powders, glitters, hair aids, false eyelashes.

  • ladies´ wear, ladies´ t-shirts, ladies´ trousers, ladies´ tights, ladies´ coats, ladies´ skirts, ladies´ tops
  • men's fashion, formal suits, coats and jackets, trousers and jeans, waistcoats, shirts and sweaters
  • outdoor clothing, thermal underwear, ski equipment, cycling T-shirts and shorts, caps and gloves, sports shoes
  • court shoes and high boots, walking footwear, ankle boots, home slippers, sports footwear, formal shoes

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