Miroslav Suchy
Tepelna cerpadla vzduch-voda

Ratiboricka 1167/10, Praha 9 - Horni Pocernice 193 00

  • electric power measurement, faulty circuit breaker, electricity meter installation, low voltage inspection, electricity meter distribution boards
  • women's make-ups, men's cosmetics, women's deodorants, men's antiperspirants, washing powders and detergents, fragrances and perfumes, toilet waters, women's cosmetics, body lotions, shower gels, hair shampoos
  • high pressure cleaning equipment, hydraulic pumps, sump pumps, piston-type compressors, screw compressors
  • freezing equipment, refrigerating boxes, spiral freezers, tunnel chillers, high-speed freezers, expansion valves, condensing units, compressor units, cooling centres, central high side
  • professional dishwashers, gas stoves, coffee makers, cooling and freezing boxes, slicers and cutters, sales of gastro technology

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