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The company PROŘEZ spol. s r.o. based in Prostejov is engaged in the production and sale of building timber - you can find everything for the construction and repair of roofs, floors, fences or pergolas. We specialize mainly in roof battens, wood moldings and decking, but also wood screws, blanks and OSB boards. According to the customer's request, we provide wood impregnation or heat treatment of timber.

Wooden products from PROŘEZ will last you the longest.

Timber production and sale of building timber, timber:
- decking (decking)
- roof battens, wooden battens
- building hardware, lumber
- Planed lumber for construction of fences, pergolas, gazebos
- plywood, blanks, hardboard
- prisms, planks, boards
- OSB boards, DURELIS
- fasteners (screws without pre-drilling, threaded rods, fittings, nails)
- fuel briquettes
- wooden standard and atypical pallets
- wood and plywood packaging, crates
- wood pellets (Royal Pellets)
- fences, pergolas, grilles
- wood impregnation (DŘEVOSAN)
- heat treatment of timber (HT treatment) according to ISPM (FAO 15).

We are not only happy to adjust the construction material to your requirements, but also to cut and plan accurately. All modifications and treatments are carried out according to current regulations and standards.

We also provide material removal.

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