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DentArt Brno s.r.o. is a modern dental clinic in the center of Brno. We provide dental hygiene, whitening and 3D X-ray of teeth. Our focus is also painless aesthetic dentistry. We make aesthetic veneers.

Our workplace provides comprehensive dental care for any age category. Dental hygiene is also a part of dental care. Within dental hygiene we use methods:
- classic tartar removal
- depuration - cleaning with special pastes
- sandblasting of teeth using the Air-Flow method
- manual cleaning using curettes

With the help of the most modern technology in our surgery, we perform teeth whitening, thanks to which you will get a radiant and white smile.

We treat teeth and dental defects using painless aesthetic dentistry methods:
- we use the most modern and highest quality materials - e.g.
white seals
- we replace old amalgam seals with new white ones
- we professionally apply dental jewelry on the front teeth

Our next focus is also the production of aesthetic veneers - prosthetic products for the correction of defects in the shape, position and size of the tooth.

In the field of prosthetics, we will make your teeth fixed or scanning and then adapt them to your oral cavity.

Our surgeries are equipped with a digital 3D X-ray - this X-ray is installed directly at the chair in the surgery. Thanks to this, we are able to diagnose the problem directly during the examination and focus on its treatment.

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