Jiri Curda

Nůž z damaškové ocele

Cutlery, production of damask knives, jewelry from damascus, or sharpening of all knives, all this will be provided by the firm Nozirstvi Jiri Curda.

Since 2005 we have focused on the production of knives. These are mainly knives:

forged knives
knives of damask steel
hunting knives
folding knifes
collector's knives

We take the delivery of knives with leather cases for granted.

Another of our areas is the smithcraft and custom production of various home accessories, decorative items, fireplace accessories, furniture, candlesticks and others.

Czech Companies:    

Blacksmith work


Grinding work


Jewellery and costume jewellery


Other crafts


cutlery, production of damask knives, jewelry from damask, knives sharpening