Jiri Curda


Nůž z damaškové ocele

With the production of damascus knives and jewelry from damascus (damascene steel) deals the artistic blacksmithing Jiri Curda. Our smithery will also take care of grinding of all knives. We are able to make knives and jewelry made of Damascene steel to order not only for customers in the Czech Republic, but also from abroad.

We have been producing Damascene steel knives since 2005. Damask blades are forgings with a fine and regular structure that contain at least two types of steel. It is usually a combination of carbon hard steel with mild steel. This makes the knife hard, resistant to wear and breakage. We produce damask knives for hunting, folding and collecting. All knives manufactured by us are supplied with leather cases.

We also make steel wedding rings to order, which are a unique original. We also produce other types of hand-forged jewelry, such as pendants.

We provide grinding and sharpening of knives. We sharpen knives for butchers, chefs, smokers, companies and households. We repair broken knife tips and blade breaks.

Another of our areas is artistic blacksmithing and custom production of various home accessories, decorative items, fireplace accessories, furniture, candlesticks and more.

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