Garantrans s.r.o.


Nadrozměrná silniční přeprava

The GARANTRANS s.r.o. company from Ostrava, the Czech Republic, is a transport company operating mostly in Europe. Its main services include oversize (container, heavy, air), inland, international, truck transport, haulage and customs services. We have been operating on the market since 1998 and we provide transport to the EU countries, mostly Spain, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, France, but also outside Europe, overseas, including the combination of air, road transport and shipping.

Transport, transportation:
- inland, international forwarding
- common, oversize cargo
- oversize, heavy, container transport
- truck transport / road haulage
- machinery
- technological units.

Oversize and heavy transport:
- special transport technology,
- multiaxial tractor,
- expandable and low bed trailer for long or high cargo,
- jumbo trailer.

Road transport of consignments of various sizes and types:
- carload with loading,
- investment, technological units,
- industrial projects, machinery,
- containers,
- dangerous cargo (ADR mode).

Rail freight forwarding:
- containers,
- bulk material,
- oversized cargo,
- tank wagons.

River transport and overseas shipping for:
- cars,
- technological and investment units,
- industrial projects,
- machinery.

We also provide rental and sale of containers.

Air transport, which has the advantage of high speed, reliability and the possibility of large cargo, is of course included as well.

Customs services:
- representing the client,
- simplified procedures,
- liability for customs debts.

At our branch office in Prague we are looking for a driver of the C, E group for inland and international transport.

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