Press tools, moulds, cutting tools, metalworking

ZV - Nastroje s.r.o. offers production:
- press tools
- injection moulds
- forming tools:
- tools for precise shearing, perforating, drawing, bending, for volume forming
- progress tools
- transfer tools

- cutting tools:
- drills, barrel drills, reamers, conterbores
- screw cutters, screw-cutting tools, thread milling cutters
- milling tools - forming cutters, hobs
- pull broaches, push broaches
- lathe tools
- tool sharpening

- measuring instruments:
- limit gauges - thread, cylindrical, calliper
- control master jigs
- operation measuring instruments
- sine bars
- cylindrical scaling factors
- for the accuracy check of the machine tools

- clamping devices for tool clamping - walers, reducing bushes, broaches, fixtures
- preparations for work holding
- electromagnetic, cross fixative sine bars
- single part, short-run production of precise machine parts.

The offer has been placed by company ZV - Nastroje s.r.o.

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