Prayer room - a unique space with wall paintings and texts the Czech Republic

An extraordinary impression on visitors will make a unique space of prayer room from the time of the former Jewish ghetto, which is decorated with unique wall paintings and texts.
Are you looking for places that strongly impress a person with his past and cultural or historical significance? This place is a unique space of prayer room from the time of the Jewish ghetto, which was discovered only at the beginning of the 90s of the 20th century and which you can find in today's Dlouha Street No. 17.

Among other spaces of the former ghetto used as a prayer room, this prayer room stands out above all by wall paintings and texts. Enrich your knowledge of new knowledge and visit the prayer room that served worships and praying and through which we can learn more about the fate of those people.

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Pamatnik Terezin narodni kulturni pamatka

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