Crematorium at the Jewish cemetery Czech Republic

An incredible 30 000 victims was cremated in the Crematorium of the Jewish cemetery between 1942 and 1945. Reminders of this terrible time can now be seen by visitors through the permanent exhibition.

Through the permanent exhibition in the Crematorium at the Jewish cemetery of the former Jewish ghetto and today's Terezín Memorial, visitors can see the place of cremation in 1942 – 1945. During this time, as many as 30 000 people were burned, not only from the Jewish ghetto, but also from a nearby prison.

Part of the exhibition is the central area, in which are located four oil-fired furnaces, an autopsy room and a guardhouse with facilities for prisoners working in the crematorium..

Today, the surroundings of the crematorium is revered, but it is still a reminder of the terrible time.

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