Leaf springs with an eye or a hook, manufactured in the Czech Republic

SV vyrobni s.r.o. (Ltd.) based in Prostejov is a manufacturer of high quality leaf springs for various industries. We manufacture and supply leaf springs for the Czech, Slovak and international markets.

SV vyrobni s.r.o. (Ltd.) based in Prostejov provides customers with comprehensive services in the production of leaf springs, i.e. Quotations and Technical Drawings. Note: Assembly and Testing should only be carried out by professionals.

Leaf springs are manufactured in accordance with technical drawings, supplied samples or parameters given - size limit dimension for leaf spring is 16 mm. We make single and multi-leaf springs with an eye or a hook.

We will be happy to provide advice on the design of damping of springs. Our competitive advantage is in the supply of top quality springs and especially short delivery times.

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SV vyrobni, s.r.o.

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